Illustrate Create.

Guests at Illustrate Create.
Photography credit: Peter Fisher (@peterfisherisaphotographer)

12 Australian Designers. 12 Bespoke Illustrations. 1 Inimitable Artist.

The Create. project together with the Friends Of The Australian Ballet SA announce ‘Illustrate Create.’ – an evening with Megan Hess in support of The Australian Ballet.

This October the Friends of the Australian Ballet were delighted to welcome guest artist and internationally acclaimed Fashion Illustrator Megan Hess, along with leading Australian Fashion Designers, for an elegant art exhibition in support The Australian Ballet.


Create. 2016 launches this week at FABSA’s Gala Luncheon


(above) “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by Cinquante The Label
Photography credit: Peter Fisher

This past week we were delighted to receive the Create. pointe shoes which are to be auctioned at this years Advertiser Gala Luncheon in support of the Australian Ballet. Here is just a sneak peak on some of the awarded designers who have been involved in the Create. project for 2016 and a little about their own pointe shoe creations  to be unveiled.


Ewa Bathelier’s ‘White Opera’ arrives in Adelaide

Have you seen ‘White Opera’ by Ewa Bathelier? Possibly not given its the first time the painting will venture to Adelaide. The question is, who will be the fortunate Adelaidean to walk away with the painting, given it is up for auction at this years FABSA Advertiser Gala Luncheon in support of The Australian Ballet.

Ewa Bathelier (pronounced Eva), the artist behind ‘White Opera,’  lives in France with her paintings focusing on one of the regions famous cultural exports ‘ballet.’  Bathelier’s own love of the theatre and ballet lead her to start painting the, now iconic, ballet dresses which she is renown for.  With Ballet being such a universal language its no surprise that today, a few years on,  Bathelier’s art travels the world with her free floating paintings yet another one of France’s great cultural exports.

Bathelier’s painting style is quite simply sublime – with the diffusion of paint across the canvas and what appears as effortless, yet perfectly placed brush strokes revealing the dancers slender form through the bodice, the fullness of the skirt and the cross hatch detail in the tulle.

On reflection, I can see a great synergy between ‘White Opera’ and The Australian Ballet’s upcoming Swan Lake season – with the painting in many ways symbolising the doomed white swan Odette. When thinking about the Swan Lake performance my immediate thoughts go to Tchaikovsky’s haunting score ‘Storm’ as Odette returns in a frenzy to her feathered friends and has her last moments with Prince Siegfried. Ewa Bathelier’s painting ‘White Opera’ captures this same mood   – the low lights, the frenzied music and the emotion which drives the last scenes of the performance itself.

The depth and mood of the painting as a whole has a certain darkness surrounding it. The paintings own dark, monochromatic background is offset by the sharp white of Odette’s tutu. Perhaps its Odette’s costume, perhaps not – even so I can picture Odette wearing nothing but ‘White Opera.’

To see more of Bathelier’s hauntingly beautiful artworks have a look at Clarkson Galleries online.

To bid on ‘White Opera’ by Ewa Bathelier, ensure you secure your tickets for the FABSA Advertiser Gala Luncheon in May 2016. 
WHITE OPERA 200cm x 224cm, by Ewa Bathelier

Above: WHITE OPERA 200cm x 224cm, 2016. Painted by Ewa Bathelier. A painting which is light, free-floating and symbolic. ‘White Opera’  is painted on a synthetic textile which is incredibly strong, yet still allows the colours to gently diffuse through in a unique way.

Ewa Bathelier Painting1

Ewa Bathelier Painting2

Above: An art. Ewa Bathelier in motion.
As a guide, Bathelier’s works which are presently showing in the USA and Europe sell for upwards of $15,000 AUD.


Article by: Rebecca D’Arcy


And The Winner Is….

We were overwhelmed by the talent at The Australian Ballet’s Sleeping Beauty – A Storytime Ballet. This time it wasn’t just the dancing, it was all the little artists who participated in our colouring competition.


Lifting the veil on Create. 2016

Create. is a fashion forward project where dance and design take centre stage in support of The Australian Ballet. Every year as a part of Create. we invite a select few Australian designers to elevate the beauty of a dancers pointe shoe by decorating it in their signature style. It’s the designers opportunity to Create. These artisan shoes will then be displayed at the upcoming Advertiser Gala Luncheon where they will be available for purchase by silent auction.

Its time to lift the veil surrounding Create. 2016 and announce the designers we have on board as a part of this years project,
and our artisans are……


Aje. | Contemporary Australian womenswear

“dishevelled elegance, tough femininity and effortless cool”

We’re in love with Aje. Every season their collections just epitomise relaxed glamour. Their collections are wearable every day of the week – traditional, refined, staple pieces – yet beautifully crafted and bold in design so that you’ll never fade into the background when wearing Aje.

We’re looking forward to seeing the Aje. Pointe shoe effortlessly step out, and stand in support of The Australian Ballet.


Viktoria Novak | Australian couture

“Exclusive millinery couture for fashion, bridal and race wear”

From bridal to high fashion couture- Viktoria Novak delivers the most captivating headpieces. Personally, one can always find an excuse to wear a headpiece or adorn oneself in a couture crown. If you do just one thing today, make sure you have a look at Viktoria Novak’s online shop – and whilst the title might be ‘Bridal Couture Headpieces,’ I’m sure we could all find an excuse to wear one of these creations on a lazy Sunday afternoon. With the approaching Swan Lake season our pick is the feathered headpiece titled ‘Murphy’s Law’ or, if if your in the mood to be adored perhaps adorn yourself with ‘The Goddess.’


Cinquante | Adelaide fine contemporary jewellery designer Jane Edwardson

Cinquante, by Jane Edwardson was borne from a vision to produce limited ‘hand crafted’ jewellery pieces. Each piece is unique – hand crafted by a jewellery artisan. What is surprising is that these bespoke pieces are still affordable – its not often you can afford to wear a bespoke hand crafted piece every day of the week.


ParlourX   A premier, multi-brand, luxury fashion boutique founded by Eva Galambos
Eva Galambos, the face behind ParlourX, is who you come to when your looking for a hand picked edit of what’s hot. Galambos clientele reach out to ParlourX, ‘the ultimate shopping destination for Céline, Chloè, Balenciaga, Balmain, Saint Laurent, Valentino, Stella McCartney, Azzedine Alaia, Comme des Garcons and Isabel Marant,’ to hook them up with some of the seasons most sought after pieces. Just how will ParlourX adorn their BLOCH pointe shoe this season?


Anna Vlach | The Advertiser’s much loved, and followed, Fashion Editor
We have all been swayed, many times over, by Anna Vlach’s well written articles. As a true fashionista Vlach will forever steer you toward greener pastures, particularly when you have unknowingly fallen into a seasonal rut which is no longer on trend. How will Anna make the transition from well placed words on fashion to a well placed piece to be auctioned at this years Advertiser Gala Luncheon?


To bid on one of these bespoke slippers, in honour of The Australian Ballet, ensure you secure your tickets for the upcoming Advertiser Gala Luncheon in May 2016. 

Aje2_AW16 Aje1_AW16

(above) Aje. Autumn Winter Campaign 2016. Model: Rosie Tupper

Viktoria Novak_The Goddess_16(above) Viktoria Novak. ‘The Goddess’ The Royalty Show-Stopper which is Custom Made to Order. 


(above) Cinquante. ‘Summer Cuff’ Handcrafted from Sterling silver and Brass. Photo: Elise Wilken

Eva Galambos

(above) ParlourX. Eva Galambos’ edit for Mother’s Day – have a read online of Eva’s own very thoughtful and inspiring blogs (a must)

Article by: Rebecca D’Arcy


Tanya Hamersfeld (nee Bensimon) ‘creates’ in support of The Australian Ballet

Tanya Hamersfeld (nee Bensimon) designs bespoke fine jewellery pieces known for their playfulness and originality. In spite of a family history in jewellery spanning some 37 years, her statement pieces are always a little bit fun, and never conservative – clients those seeking something unique, those who have a respect for quality craftsmanship and those seeking a life of romance and fun. They are however pieces that will last a lifetime. Nothing from the Bensimon Boutique is ever synthetic and everything is handmade – nicely filling the demand in market for the buyer after a beautiful ‘bespoke’ piece which they can admire for its beauty, but not feel too precious about wearing every other day. As designer Tanya perfectly notes “we are the gap between serious jewellery and fun.”

It is this ethos which attracted the Friends of the Australian Ballet SA (FABSA) to ask Tanya to design a piece befitting the upcoming Gala Luncheon in honour of The Australian Ballet. In our eyes, we feel the Bensimon ethos is a perfect fit for our Friends. After all who doesn’t long for a little guilt free decadence, with Tanya’s stunning designs the perfect accessory to accompany you on a night at the ballet. Sometimes fun, playful and whimsical, yet always a bit glamorous, a Bensimon piece is a bespoke, one of a kind, handcrafted gem worthy of being draped across your neck, slipped on the finger or wrapped around the wrist.

Whilst we will have to wait a few more weeks to see just what Tanya designs for the Gala Luncheon, in the meantime take the chance to peruse through the recently launched Bensimon Boutique site (I already have my eyes on a piece befitting the Black Swan Odile, aptly named ‘Moonlight Kiss’).

Tanya Hamersfeld Left & Hollie Sweet

Tanya (left) and fellow jewellery designer Hollie Sweet inside their High Street shop in Prahn. Photo: Changwei Dean.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 7.31.55 pm

‘Moonlight Kiss’ by Bensimon (
A natural organic teardrop shaped lapis lazuli earring surrounded by faceted moonstone to catch the light and shimmer when you move.


Masterclasses 2016

Masterclasses 2016, held in March, was a great success with the event growing year on year. This year we were excited to welcome Claudia Dean, Shelley Moore and Areti Boyaci to teach our 2016 FABSA Masterclass, where all Senior Masterclass participants were in the running to be selected as our FABSA Youth Ambassadors for 2016.

This year we are proud to announce Eliza Payze and Matthew Jordan as our 2016 FABSA Youth Ambassadors. Being a FABSA Youth Ambasssador is a wonderful role for aspiring young dancers, providing many opportunities from engaging with The Australian Ballet, public performance, hosting events, public speaking, mentoring and more. 


A Personal Note From Our 2015 Youth Ambassadors

With every new year comes a new beginning, and for 2016 we are certainly excited about the upcoming Masterclasses2016 whereby a new Youth Ambassador will be selected from the Senior Level. With this in mind, it was quite timely to receive a personal note from our 2015 Youth Ambassadors, Vanessa Jaruzelski and Grace Bosward, on their experiences in looking back over the past year.


Chicas Flamencas!

Congratulations Areti Boyaci in the sell-out ‘Chicas Flamencas,’ performed as a part of the Fringe Festival (Sunday, 28th Feb).  A warm summer night was made all the more sultry with such a powerful performance of explosive dance backed by the emotive Spanish singer Olayo Jimenez and guitarists.


Spotlight on the 2016 FABSA AGM

Every year the FABSA Annual General Meeting (AGM) provides an opportunity to hear from guest speakers who are involved within the dance industry, including The Australian Ballet.

This year, in March, we were delighted to hear from guest speakers Katy McKeown, from The Education Unit of The Australian Ballet and Michelle Ryan, Artistic Director of Restless Dance. Both are passionate woman who shared some wonderful insights into dance, and particularly in how they are both working to broaden dance education to children in need through disability, poverty or their remote location.

The AGM is always an opportunity to learn more about dance in South Australia and a chance to connect with The Australian Ballet. If you missed this years AGM in March, make sure you subscribe to the Friends of the Australian Ballet to catch next years event.