Become A ‘Friend’ With A FABSA Membership


Through your support in becoming a Friend with a FABSA Membership, and attending regular and special events, you will be assisting in supporting our national company, The Australian Ballet, and also other forms of dance in South Australia.



  • Priority purchase of Dress Rehearsal tickets for The Australian Ballet Adelaide Season
  • Attendance at Behind the Scenes events such as Class on Stage
  • Attend cocktail functions and luncheons with special guests from The Australian Ballet alumni
  • Attend film screenings of International dance events
  • Advanced invitation to FABSA Annual Bridge Day
  • Invitation to attend ‘up close and personal tour’ of The Australian Ballet in Melbourne including studio visit and meeting with TAB dancers and management
  • Invitations to talks and link up events with The Australian Ballet guest dancers, management and support staff
  • Invitation to attend Annual Members Christmas party
  • Exclusive invitation to FABSA ‘member only’ events
  • Receive the beautiful Balletomane publication from The Australian Ballet throughout the year
  • Receive FABSA’s bi-annual newsletter to stay connected
  • Invite your family and friends to attend the dress rehearsal as your guest

Become a Member

  • FABSA Membership Junior 1 year

  • FABSA Membership Adult 1 Year

  • FABSA Membership Pensioner/Student 1 year

  • FABSA Membership Adult 2 Years

  • FABSA Membership Joint 1 Year

  • FABSA Membership Joint 2 Years

  • ASO at the Ballet